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  • MI6223C
  • MI6223C


"◇ High-temperature black paint pure copper burner, artistic flame, delicate flame adjustment, efficient energy gathering. ◇ Tempered explosion-proof glass panel, aesthetically pleasing, with a fully enclosed bottom casing. ◇ Upward air intake design, more thorough combustion, with a thermal efficiency of 63%. ◇ High-pressure pulse ignition with a 100% ignition rate. ◇ Independent timer of approximately 99 minutes, prioritizing safety."

  • Panel Material: tempered glass
  • Flameout protection: Thermocouple
  • Ignition method: Electronic paulse Ignition
  • Thermal efficiency: 5.2kw
  • Pan Support: HPTthickened fire grate
  • Air intake method: Upward air intake
  • Panel size: 750*430*7mm
  • Opening size: 650*350mm
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